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Muse of Nightmares Charm Bracelet
Muse of Nightmares Charm Bracelet

Muse of Nightmares Charm Bracelet

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Inspired by Laini Taylor's Novel Muse of Nightmares

“. . . her eilith . . . It was the moon: a slender crescent shaped to the soft curve of her, with a scattering of stars to close the arc and from a perfect oval on her belly.
‘The moon,’ Sarai whispered, loving it. ‘Like the one you bought for me.’
Once in a dream they’d gone shopping for a moon. ‘And the stars we gathered,’ he said. They’d strung them all on a bracelet, which appeared on her wrist now as though fished from the dream--a charm bracelet of real celestial bodies, tiny and luminous, hooked to a fine silver chain.”
“‘The moon on a bracelet and the sun in a jar,’ said Sarai. ‘We really wreak havoc on the heavens, don’t we?’
Lazlo’s voice sank deeper in his throat. Smokier. Hungrier. ‘I expect the heavens will survive,’ he said, and then he kissed her.”

Enjoy a bracelet of charms straight from your dreams and charmed with moons, stars, moths, and an astral.