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Citadel Candle
Citadel Candle

Citadel Candle

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Inspired by Laini Taylor's novel Muse of Nightmares

Azareen lived in a set of rooms above a bakery in Windfall--the district so named for the plums that fell on it from the trees of the gods.
“Sparrow launched the plum. It was close range, and hit Ruby on her collarbone. She said, "Ow!" though it hadn't really hurt. Rubbing at the place of impact, she glared at Sparrow. "Is that it, then? Have you spent your wrath?"
"Yes," said Sparrow, dusting off her palms. "It was one-plum wrath."
"How sad for Feral. He was only worth one plum. Won't he mope when we tell him.

We hope this candle that smells of plums, citadel gardens, and magic transports you to the home of the gods.