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Gold Collagen Eye Mask

Gold Collagen Eye Mask

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Inspired by the magists in the novel Onyx and Ivory by Mindee Arnett.

Channel your inner magist as you wear your very own gold collagen eye mask. Hopefully some magic will seep in and those dark circles will magically disappear.

1. Thoroughly clean your face before applying under eye mask.
2. After opening the foil package and peeling off the plastic liner, place the masks under your eyes.
3. Wear the eye mask for about 20-30 minutes before removing and discarding.
4. Lightly massage the remainder of the mask into the skin until it is completely absorbed.
5. Awake the next morning with refreshed eyes!
*Recommended to use before bedtime. Product Uses: These under eye masks are highly effective at helping with: wrinkles, firming skin, lightening, moisturizing and nourishing the fragile skin under the eyes, as well as helping eliminate puffiness or dark circles.

Ingredients: Gold Extract, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin, Vitamin C, Grape seed extract, Rose Extract, Deionized water.

1. Avoid using on sunburns or open wounds as well as scratched skin.
2. Stop using the products if you feel irritation or burning.
3. For external use only.
4. Don’t reuse the mask.
5. Keep out of reach of children.

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